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This gallery will feature profiles and faces - some of them trick / optical illusion types. ALL of the designs were spontaneous and NO PHOTOS of people or animals were used. The designs simply emerged as I was playing with textures and colors. Many of the original artless designs will be historically related, however, such designs will not all have the same name / title.and may look quite different from their family members. COMMISSIONS: Please contact me to agree on unique, one-of-a-kind MIXED MEDIA sculptures using any of the designs purchased from this galley in a solid wood, metal, or acrylic format at a reduced, custom, unlisted digital price as a starting point. At a minimum, the completed mixed media handmade size will measure approximately 14 in x 16 in x 3 in and will involve cutting or otherwise altering the digital portion of the constructed artwork. I will be glad to upload more designs upon request. Most of my designs have never been uploaded. However, some may also be found at and my photostream

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